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Cavity Wall Extraction

Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction


The majority of people who have had cavity wall insulation installed have experienced no problems with internal dampness or wall tie corrosion; and have experienced increased levels of comfort and lower fuel bills. Unfortunately, on the other hand, some people have suffered serious problems, and have found it very difficult – or impossible – to get these problems recognised and rectified.
Specialist Surveying Services can carry out a survey of your property to assess whether the cavity wall insulation is causing the damp and/or condensation problem. If this is found to be the case, we can arrange for the cavity wall insulation to be removed. The cost of the extraction will depend upon the type of insulation (mineral wool, bead or foam) and also the amount of insulation that needs to be extracted.

Please contact us on 029 2115 4753 to arrange a survey of your property.




Why is cavity wall insulation extracted?


The extraction process is carried out for a number of reasons including:

  • It was installed a long time ago – so no longer effective (foam and/or wool)
  • The house was not appropriate for cavity wall insulation (or at least the materials used at the time) e.g. if it was located on the coast
  • It is causing damp which is then transferring water across the cavity to the inner leaf
  • There are voids within the insulation (causing cold bridging)
  • Poor condition of the outer brick work or raked joints
  • If the building should never have been retrofitted with cavity wall insulation (eg. timber frame or steel frame buildings).
  • Damp and mould, caused as a result of faulty cavity wall insulation, can lead to respiratory problems including infections, allergies and asthma.



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